As in nearly every other country in the world, Czechia continues to honor its past with a number of traditional activities and celebrations. Some are better known than others – such as the special Easter egg decorations or the Christmas-time traditions of carols and carp. Others are less familiar. Czechs are often regarded as a nation of small holiday cottage lovers. For that reason, the country has traditionally had one the highest densities of such cottages per capita in the world, and Czechs love visiting them – during the summer, on weekends, and even on a daily basis.

… almost every Czech knows someone with or has their own holiday cottage – with one of the highest densities of such cottages per capita in the world, they are a Czech tradition, and Czechs love visiting them

Younger people might appreciate the tradition of providing secondary (high school) students with dancing lessons as part of their extracurricular activities. Although not obligatory at all, most students enjoy the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the most common dances as well as the basics of etiquette.

However, please take the above as only two examples of the myriad of traditions that Czechia has on offer.

Public holidays

1 January

New Year’s Day

Moveable Friday

Good Friday

Moveable Monday

Easter Monday

1 May

Labour Day

8 May

Liberation Day

5 July

Saints Cyril and Methodius Day

6 July

Jan Hus Day

28 September

Statehood Day

28 October

Independence Day

17 November

Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

24 December

Christmas Eve

25 December

Christmas Day

26 December

St. Stephen’s Day (Czech: „The Second Christmas Day“)