..... SDG Report 2021

Sustainable Development Report 2021/SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2021: Czechia ranked 12th out of 193 countries in achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

..... football fans

The Great Strahov Stadium (Velký strahovský stadion) is a stadium in the Strahov district of Prague with a field three times as long and three times as wide as a standard association football pitch. It has a capacity of 250,000 spectators, of which 56,000 is seating, making it the largest stadium and the second largest sports venue ever built.

.... the astronomical clock

Prague’s Old Town is home to the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world.

..... the oldest bridge

The Stone Bridge in Písek, built before the end of the 13th century, is the oldest bridge in Czechia (older than Prague's Charles Bridge) and likely the second oldest bridge in Central Europe.

.... "The Golden City"

The city of Prague is usually called “The golden city” or “The city of one hundred spires,” but it is also often called “The golden city of five hundred spires” and “The golden city of one thousand spires”.

.... Global Peace Index 2021

Czechia among the 10 most peaceful countries. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI) published recently, Czechia is the 9th most peaceful country in the world. The 15th edition of the GPI ranks 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness.

Czechia Has Marvellous People 360°

..... the first university in Central Europe

Charles University is the oldest and largest university in Czechia . It was the first university to be established in Central Europe and takes its name from its founder, King Charles IV, King of Bohemia and King of the Romans. Charles University was founded in 1348.

..... soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses were invented by a Czech chemist,. Otto Wichterle, in 1959.

.... the word "Robot"

The origin of the word ”Robot” is Czech. Czech playwright, novelist and journalist Karel Čapek introduced it in his 1920 play R.U.R., or Rossum's Universal Robots. The word “robot” was coined by his brother, the Czech artist Josef Čapek.

..... castles, chateaux and ruins

There are over 2000 castles, chateaux and ruins in Czechia . It is the country with the highest density of castles in the world.

.... first plastic surgery

Czech citizens Frantĭsek Burian and Arnold Jirásek founded the first plastic surgery practice in 1927.

..... mushroom hunting a national passion

Mushroom hunting is a favorite pastime of the Czech people. The fact that is a national passion can best be seen in the autumn, usually on St Wenceslas Day, when droves of people gather in the damp forests to go mushroom hunting, an activity that can be quite competitive.

.... landscaped areas and national parks

Czechia is a true paradise for people who love parks and gardens. Moreover, the country has 25 protected landscape areas and four national parks that encompass broadleaf and conifer forests, rivers, and mountains.

..... the Kingdom of Bohemia

It was formally recognized as part of the massive Holy Roman Empire in 1004 and became the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1198. As the Kingdom of Bohemia, it reached its zenith of wealth and power during the 13th and 14th centuries.

.... 1989 Velvet Revolution

The 1989 Velvet Revolution led to the collapse of the Communist regime. Not long after, in June of 1993, Czechoslovakia was peacefully dissolved into two independent states: the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

..... one of the oldest university in the world

Founded in 1348, Charles University in Prague is one of the oldest universities in the world in continuous operation. According to one 2006 ranking of World Universities, it is Eastern Europe’s top university.

.... UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cesky Krumlov (Castle Krumlov) is the second most popular tourist destination in the country. Czech castles are open from the first of April to the first of November. They are closed on Mondays.

..... Czech automobile Škoda

The Czech automobile manufacturer was founded in 1895 and has its headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. Škoda automobiles are sold in over 100 countries.

.... the Elbe River rises in the country

One of the major rivers of Central Europe with a river basin spanning four countries (Germany, Czechia , Austria, and Poland). It is formed by the confluence of numerous headwater streams in the Krkonoše Mountains in the north of the Czech Republic.

..... Johan Gregor Mendel

Mendel was born in Czechia . He set the groundwork for genetics and inheritance principles still studied in biology classes around the world today.

.... The country is famous for its female tennis players

Czech Martina Navratilova has been statistically the second-best female player of the 20th century, right behind Steffi Graf. Today, there are eight Czech female players in the top 100 world rankings. The Czech Fed Cup team has also won six Fed Cup titles since 2011.

..... Jewish population of Bohemia and Moravia

The Jewish population of Bohemia and Moravia was virtually annihilated by the Nazis during the Holocaust. There were 118,000 Jews living in the country in 1930 and only 3900 in 2021.