Czech research and innovation have been built on a remarkable tradition of excellence. The country has long been able to punch above its weight population-wise due to the creativity and ingenuity of its people. Cutting edge Czech technologies are being used around the world, although most people are unaware of where these technologies originated. The world’s drugs to treat HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis B were created in part through the breakthrough discoveries of Czech Prof. Antonín Holý and have helped hundreds of millions of people.

Vast numbers of people across the globe probably do not realize that it was Czech scientist Otto Wichterle who invented “soft” contact lenses back in 1959.

Even when not directly invented by a Czech, many cutting-edge technologies, such as robotics, have been influenced by one of us. The word “robot” came out of a science fiction play written by the famous Czech writer Karel Čapek more than 100 years ago. In recent decades, Czechia has upped its investment in both research, research facilities, and institutions – all of which work to address a wide range of scientific, business, social, and economic needs. With increased investments and new facilities, Czechia can be confident of remaining among the world’s leading innovative economies (even if one of the smaller ones).