In recent decades, Czech research has been further improving its quality and integrating itself with that of other leading economies through international collaboration. It has achieved a level of international excellence in many areas (digital technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, biotech and health tech, new materials development and nanotechnologies, lasers etc.).

Czechia has continued to improve its existing research faculties and to build new ones in order to make sure the country and its researcher can remain at the cutting edge of science and innovation.

Czech research (both basic and applied) is attuned to and responsive to a wide range of current and emerging societal, health and economic needs. Investments into research in Czechia have been growing. Large new research institutions have been built equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and the latest equipment. They now provide all of the essential infrastructure required by research scientists. The research teams working there are truly international. The results of the research activities of its own and international teams is widely recognized both within and outside of Czechia.