Despite being a landlocked country in the heart of Europe, Czechia is home to many stunning national parks, wild rivers, fairy tale countryside, and ever-present beauty filled with natural wonders and scenic marvels. Encircled by mountains, the country is also well known for its hilly landscape and distinctive green forests.

The nature of Czechia has a lot to offer all types of visitors. The opportunities are endless.

You can try snowshoeing, skiing or hiking in the famous Krkonoše and Šumava Mountains, explore the mystical rock formations just outside of Prague, check out the centuries-old ponds around Třeboň, which have been nominated for addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List, or simply relax in the romantic vineyards of South Moravia.

Due to its unique natural heritage, the country’s wildlife is quite extensive. Rare, protected species include wolves, lynxes, wildcats, and mountain sheep.