The Czech people have given the world groundbreaking technologies as well as innovative pharmaceutical products that are used to treat millions of patients each year. Technologies include soft contact lenses (polarography), simple sugar cubes, and the Remoska portable electric oven.

 Czechia is also one of the world’s most highly industrialized countries. Its goal is to continue to be one of Europe’s leading innovative economies and to be a “Country of the Future”.

Czechia’s government has a long-standing policy of investing in research, development and education. This supports the transformation of the Czech economy into one based on knowledge, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship. Digitalization and new technologies are able to build on the remarkable skills and capabilities of Czech technicians and engineers and on a top-notch workforce.


The Research, Development and Innovation Council (R&D&I Council)

 is a professional advisory body of the Government of the Czech Republic supporting and encouraging high-tech investments into the country and facilitating bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

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