Czechia was one of the first countries to join the industrial revolution and one of the first to produce its own automobiles (Škoda). It has a long history of engineering prowess as well as excellence in more traditional manufacturing areas, such as glass and porcelain. The glass industry embodies the craftsmanship of the Czech people, a trait that is recognized and valued the world over. Glass manufacturers can be found throughout the border regions of Bohemia.

Czechia is often described as a small, open, export-driven economy, with a focus on the export of quality goods.

Industrial goods continue to make up a large part of Czechia’s global exports, but these are not the only areas in which the country’s products are respected for their quality and design excellence. Although EU Member States are by far the country’s most important trading partners, Czechia maintains strong trade relationships with other countries throughout the world. It also has several trade and investment institutions in place to support and promote trade and business opportunities for foreign companies, simplifying the entry of such companies into the Czech market by providing advisory services.