Czechia is the fourth-largest net exporter of electricity in the EU, right behind France, Germany, and Sweden. It exports most of this electricity to Austria, Slovakia, and Germany. In Czechia, electricity is produced using coal (50%), nuclear power (35%) and natural gas (5%). Although fossil fuels are still forced play a major role in the energy sector of the country, Czechia is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint. The country has approved a new National Energy Policy to reduce its overall energy consumption and the energy intensity of its economy as well as to speed up the implementation of low-carbon sources of power generation. Czechia is going to be part of the global transition over to clean energy.

Czechia is working both to strengthen the security of its energy resources and to build a competitive and sustainable energy sector.

Czechia’s long-term energy strategy is to provide reliable, reasonably priced energy to households and businesses and do so in a sustainable manner. This vision is summed up in these three energy policy objectives: security, competitiveness, and sustainability.