As Czechia is a highly industrialized country, it understands the importance of supporting the changeover to Industry 4.0, the new phase in the Industrial Revolution, which focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

As proof of the Czechia’s commitment to Industry 4.0, more than 700 online smart solutions have been implemented in the public sphere.

In order to improve the country’s coordination as it embraces the digitization of its economy, the government has approved three key digitization initiatives – referred to as the “three pillars” – as part of a new “Digital Czech Republic” strategy. These pillars are “Czech Republic in Digital Europe”, “Information Strategy of the Czech Republic” (Digital Public Administration), and “Digital Economy and Society”.

  • Czechia in Digital Europe

This strategic initiative aims to make sure the country’s own digital efforts are in line with the digital agenda being pursued at the pan-European (EU) level, in terms of modern technological trends and with respect to EU regulations. In addition to integration, the aim is promotion of the specific priorities and interests of the Czech Republic. A set of objectives has been set out to help identify negotiating positions for the country to use in order to optimize the benefits to the public in the exercise of government authority at the national level. The Czech Republic in Digital Europe strategy is coordinated by an office of the government.

  • Information Strategy of the Czech Republic

The Information Strategy of the Czech Republic focuses on the use of digitization in the services the government provides to the public nationally . It has been prepared in accordance with Czech Act No 365/2000, which regulates information systems being used for public administration purposes. The strategy sets out the key design objectives and expected outcomes for new and improved public administration information systems, general administrative principles to be adhered to and information on the future operation of such systems. This area is referred to in the Czech Republic as “eGovernment”.

  • Digital Economy and Society

The objective of the Digital Economy and Society initiative is to come up with comprehensive and inclusive strategies with which to deal with all of the economic and societal impacts of digitization. There are conceptual strategies, which are designed to create the conditions for the long-term prosperity of the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the coordinator of the initiative and, in large part, also the implementer. The strategies address issues that are partly outside of the direct reach of public authorities. These include ways in which to promote the positive aspects of the transition to a digital future in society and the economy while minimizing the negative impacts (e.g., on the labor market).