In the broadest sense, development and growth are often seen as synonymous, but economic, social, and environmental perspectives and areas of interest should also be taken into account. Czechia does its best to improve in all these areas by building an economy for the future, increasing the living standards of its citizens, and promoting environmental sustainability and conservation. Development in Czechia has, nevertheless, not always been a simple task for many reasons, such as the country’s recent totalitarian past and significant amount of inherited heavy industry.

The annual “Village of the Year” competition aims to support and recognize the best revitalization projects in the country.

Czechia of today is vastly different from the country of a few decades ago. Cities have been modernized, and major investments have been made into the country’s infrastructure, public transportation systems and, as part the global effort to fight climate change, green zones and parks. Throughout the country, major efforts have been made to focus on environmental sustainability and to make high speed internet service available to every household. There is even the annual “Village of the Year” competition to highlight and encourage best sustainability practice